Sunday, April 26, 2009

May I just say, I do not get the whole attach a picture, write a bit, and attach another picture?? I wanted clever little captions under each one. Don't think I'll get that! and, I can't figure out how to move and/or size them. one day...

One of the wonderful things about living in a small town for nearly a decade is the predictability of traditions. Like - prom weekend is usually sunny, and pretty much count on rain for Dogwood festival weekend. the weather man got those mixed up this year. Here are Paul and Sydney in the gazebo at the park - cuz even in the rain, the kids gather to snap photos!

At any rate, after pictures in the park the six headed back here to a tent in the "park" yard of the new house. appitizers - bread with olive oil/basalmic vingegar and herbs, shrimp cocktail, and fresh bruscheta along with the yummy fizzy drinks w/fresh berries. Unfortunately, by the time they'd been chatting, playing whonu and eating the starter dishes the rain was pouring down. The girls were good sports in the guys jackets, but they were all happy when I suggested the girls run upstairs to "powder their noses' (do people really say that still. Okay. didn't say that, said freshen up, but that would have put "up" two times in the same sentence...) and the boys went off to paul's room to play nintendo.

Chris, Molly, and I moved the dinner party to the living room. Much better - and more dry!
Chris was INCREDIBLE! this day. He did all of the cooking. Famous steaks (RuthsChris has nothing on us) - cuscus w/cranberry and almond, and these little green bean bundles - so yummy. I'm going to try and post a picture of his greatness :) I am lucky. I keep telling these girls of mine not to go getting involved with anyone unless he's as great as their dad... (at this rate they'll never move out!) But I digress

Overall, I think the kids and their dates -Paul and Sydney went with Allie and Zach and their friends Corey and Bethany joined them - had a pretty swell time. Fifth year in a row for prom - five more to go. whew. The last picture is of the fab 5 - both serious, and silly. they are just so fun.


6wayintersection said...

That dinner looks so yummy - What a fun evening.

Vicki Dees said...

We enjoyed looking the prom pictures and reading you thoughts about it. We were talking about how we enjoy and love your family.

Kerwin and Vicki.
(Cherissa also)

ruth abbey said...